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Medical Facilities

Transdev schedules and coordinates non-emergency medical transportation services for Colorado’s Health First members. We partner with transportation providers throughout the state to ensure patients can arrive – as scheduled – for their healthcare appointments.

Medicaid and Medicare

If you are a Medicaid-approved medical provider and would like to speak with Transdev regarding one or more of your patients, please contact the Clinical Coordinator, during regular business hours:

Or, chat in the online facility portal.

If you have a concern about the quality or timeliness of transportation service, please submit your complaint online or call (855) 489-4999 to speak to a customer service representative between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday – Friday.

Schedule Advance Trips

Medical providers and facility staff can schedule patient trips at least two days before the appointment date using any of the following methods:

  • Call: Call (855) 489-4999 to schedule single or recurring trips on behalf of patients, Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM MST.
  • Online: You can use the “Chat with us…” feature to schedule or revise trips or login to the online facility portal to cancel one or more trips for patients. At this time, we cannot schedule or revise trips on the Center Portal.
  • Email: Complete and submit a Request for Transportation Services – Single Trip/Standing Order Subscription form via fax or secure email.
Scheduling Urgent Trips

Medical facilities can request an urgent trip to or from the Medicaid covered provider with less than 48 hours’ notice if a member:

  • has a condition that can become an emergency if not treated in a timely manner.
  • will be discharged from a hospital visit and transportation was unable to be prearranged.

Medical providers can directly contact any credentialed Urgent Transportation provider to arrange services on behalf of their patient.

View a list of approved Urgent Transportation Providers.

Once the trip is requested the provider has a two-hour window to pick up the member.

Providers are not required to accept an Urgent trip, and provider availability may vary.

Medical Documentation

If you are a medical provider that has been asked to complete a medical necessity form to support a member’s transportation request, please download and complete the appropriate form and submit it to Transdev for review:

Health First Colorado members are required to travel to the closest medical facility that is able to provide the necessary treatment or services.  All travel beyond 25 miles, will require the Beyond 25 mile authorization form which can be found below.

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