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At Transdev, we focus on providing safe and timely transportation to give Health First Colorado members members more flexibility, freedom and control over their personal health. In Colorado, we need a strong network of independent drivers and transportation providers as well as volunteers, local residents, facilities and community organizations with access to working vehicles to support the Health First program.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving fellow Coloradans, take the first step in joining our network. Check out the requirements for service and submit an interest form today. A member of our team will follow up within three business days.

Credentialing Requirements for Transportation Providers and Drivers

Before assigning a member to a driver or transportation provider’s care, we ensure the driver and vehicle meet the minimum requirements for service. (Requirements differ for volunteers and urgent transportation providers.) This ‘credentialing’ process includes an inspection of the following criteria:

   Vehicle Requirements
  • The exterior of the vehicle is clean and free of broken mirrors or windows, excessive grime, major dents or paint damage that detract from the overall appearance of the vehicles
  • The interior of vehicle is clean, free from torn upholstery, floor, or ceiling covering, and free from broken items that may injure a passenger or detract from the overall appearance of the vehicle
  • Transportation Provider’s name and vehicle number prominently displayed on the exterior of each vehicle
  • All vehicles have the following signs prominently displayed in all vehicle interiors, easily visible to the passengers:
    • Contractor’s Toll Free and local phone number.
    • Contractor’s complaint procedures
    • No Smoking
    • All passengers must wear seat belts
  • Include a vehicle information packet containing vehicle registration, insurance card and accident procedures and incident reporting forms
  • Have a fully equipped first aid kit
  • Contain a current map with sufficient detail to locate Members and Medical Providers within the Broker Service Area
  • Have a Commercial Global Positioning Device with the ability to produce a report on the vehicle’s location while performing services
  • Have Two-way communication system linking all vehicles with the Transportation Provider’s major place of business. Pagers are not an acceptable substitute
  • Equipped with functioning, clean and accessible seat belts for each passenger seat position, regardless of the seat being actively used to transport passengers
  • Have a functioning speedometer and odometer.
  • Have at least two (2) exterior rear-view mirrors, one on each side of the vehicle.
  • Have an interior mirror for monitoring the passenger compartment.
   Insurance Requirements
Workman’s Compensation

As required by Colorado State law

Auto Insurance

To include “any auto” or all Owned, Non-Owned and Hired Auto, to cover all vehicles operated by Provider under this contract, with a minimum combined single limit of $500,000 (or the state minimum as defined in § 24-10-103(5), C.R.S, whichever is greater and in compliance with PUC and other state/local regulatory agencies) per accident for bodily injury and property damage

General Liability

To include Premises/Completed Operations, Contractual, Personal Injury, contractual, Personal Injury and Independent Providers with a minimum limit of $500,000 (or the state minimum, whichever is greater) per occurrence and $500,000 (or the state minimum, whichever is greater) Aggregate

Additional Information

All required insurance, with the exception of Workers’ Compensation, shall include; IntelliRide Services, Inc., IntelliRide North America, Inc., the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.; their affiliates, parent entities and subsidiaries as Additional Insureds.

All policies shall be primary and non-contributory and include a waiver of subrogation in favor of IntelliRide Services, Inc, IntelliRide North America, Inc the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing; and their affiliates, parent entities and subsidiaries;

All policies shall be endorsed to provide IntelliRide Services, Inc. with thirty (30) days’ Notice of Cancellation, ten (10) days’ notice in the event of nonpayment.

A Certificate of Insurance will be required prior to any work being performed. All insurance companies will possess an A.M. Best rating of A VII or better.

Transportation providers must submit a driver roster listing all drivers that will be assigned trips. All drivers must submit current documentation showing proof of the following:

  • Drivers must be at least 20 years of age and able to speak and comprehend English. Must have a current, valid Colorado driver’s license with at least five years of driving experience. Drivers shall not have a history of license suspension or revocation within the previous five years. Individuals can have no more than four points in the past 12 months and no more than six points in the past three years moving violations.
  • Drivers will be required to participate in and pass a driver training program, a drug test and a fingerprint/FBI background clearance check.

Transdev will inspect all vehicles planned for use before assigning trips and at least once per year thereafter. Vehicles adequately maintained and meet all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state, federal and manufacturer safety and mechanical operating and maintenance standards, including but not limited to:

  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles must contain approved wheelchair straps
  • Adequate heating and air conditioning
  • Functioning and clean seat belts
  • Operating speedometer and odometer
  • Two (2) exterior rear-view mirrors, one on each side of the vehicle
  • Interior mirror for passenger monitoring
  • Clean interior with no rips or torn upholstery
  • Equipped with a first aid kit and two-way communication device
  • Visible external signage that includes the transportation company’s name and number and/or the driver’s PUC identification number on both sides of the vehicle that can be seen 50 feet away
  • Full size vans or ambulances must be equipped with retractable step, fixed sideboard or and approved step stool
  • Functioning interior light within passenger compartment
  • Visible interior signage stating: “NO SMOKING” and “ALL PASSENGERS MUST USE SEAT BELTS”
  • Vehicle must have a vehicle packet containing vehicle registration, insurance card, and accident procedure forms
  • Fully equipped first aid kit
  • Current map with enough detail to locate clients and medical providers
  • GPS device
  • Interior must have sidewall padding and adequate anti-skid flooring or carpeting

Rates and service negotiations will be discussed with each driver or transportation provider upon satisfying Transdev’s credentialing requirements. Credentialed drivers and transportation providers will be added to Transdev’s list of approved transportation providers. Here is our current rate schedule.

If you have additional questions about joining the Transdev network or credentialing, please call us during normal business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday.

Apply for the Network

To start the process:

A member of the Transdev team will follow up within three business days of receiving the interest form to review next steps. This will include an in-depth discussion about driver and vehicle credentialing.

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