HFS has contracted Transdev to help them manage the NETSPAP program. Transdev does not arrange transportation; however, Transdev does maintain a list of enrolled Medicaid transportation providers for Participants to select from. Transdev receives your requests for transportation and then determines if they can be approved or if they have to be denied based on the rules given by HFS. For example, they have to review that you have Medicaid eligibility, verify that you have a scheduled appointment, and that you are going for a service that is covered by Medicaid.

This process may take a few days so it is always a good idea to submit your request at least a week before your appointment. If your request is approved, you can arrange your trip with a transportation company that’s enrolled in the program.

Please note: Transdev is not involved in the process of enrolling providers or processing reimbursement for their services.

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS)

The Illinois HFS administers and funds, in part or in full, Medicaid and other Medical Assistance Programs providing comprehensive health coverage to over 2.7 million qualified adults and children of Illinois.

The detailed information regarding these programs can be obtained on the department’s website.
To enroll as a provider, please proceed to the IMPACT website. IMPACT’s phone: (877) 782-5565, options 1, 2, 1.

We encourage all Medical and Non-Emergency Transportation Providers to review the Handbook for Providers of Medical Services – Chapter 100 and the Handbook for Providers of Transportation Services – Chapter T-200.

For assistance with billing questions or concerns, providers may contact the Healthcare and Family Services Billing Department at (877) 782-5565, options 1, 2, 4, 4.

The Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program (NETSPAP)

HFS allows for the provision of transportation services of certain Medicaid Participants to their qualified non-emergency medical appointments. In order to ensure these Non-Emergency Transportation Services meet federal guidelines and that reimbursement for these services is free of waste, fraud and abuse, HFS created the NETSPAP. The program was implemented in Cook County in 2001 and statewide in 2004. Since then, the NETSPAP has resulted in multimillion-dollar savings for the State of Illinois.