Welcome to Transdev’s website for the Non-Emergency Transportation Services Prior Authorization Program (NETSPAP), a program of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).

NETSPAP is a Medicaid program dedicated to helping Participants with limited access to non-emergency transportation get to and from Medicaid-covered health care services. Transdev is the call center in a contract with HFS to review prior authorizations for most non-emergency transportation.

Transdev does not arrange transportation; however, Transdev does maintain a list of enrolled Medicaid transportation providers for Participants to select from. Additional information can be found on this website about the role of Transdev and the functions provided for HFS.

Request Authorization
The Participant or a HIPAA-authorized person should begin arranging transportation at least 5-7 business days before the appointment.

1. Call a transportation company to see if they are available to take the Participant to their doctor’s appointment. Participants can use the transportation company they always use. For help finding transportation, contact Transdev at:

2. Participants or Providers should call Transdev to request authorization for a trip. Please have the following information ready:

a. Participant date of birth, first and last name, and phone number

b. Medicaid ID number (RIN)

c. How Participants have been getting to their appointments before using this service

d. If there are medical or non-medical reasons why they cannot use public or other transportation

e. The doctor’s or facility’s name, address, and telephone number

f. Type of service and time of appointment

g. Pick-up and drop-off address and details

h. The general reason for the doctor’s visit

i. If the Participant uses a walker, wheelchair, or cane

j. If the Participant can travel by themselves

k. The name of the Participant’s preferred transportation company. As a HIPAA-approved Prior Approval Vendor for HFS, Transdev may need to speak to the referring physician to verify whether this is the closest appropriate provider for transportation purposes.

3. Transdev will give you a Request Tracking Number (RTN) and let you know if the request is pending further review, approved or denied.

4. If the request is approved, the Participant or HIPAA-authorized representative calls transportation company to arrange the ride. Give them the Request Tracking Number (RTN) and schedule an appropriate pick-up time.

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How to contact Transdev:
Netspap Phone
By Phone
Call Transdev using the appropriate line to speak to a Customer Service Representative.
Netspap Fax
By Fax
Fax your trip request form to (630) 873-1450.
Netspap Mail
By Mail
Mail your trip request form to Transdev, 799 W. Roosevelt Road, Building 4, Suite 200, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.