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Transdev Health Solutions is the state contracted broker for CountyCare Illinois for residents enrolled through HealthChoice Illinois. We focus on providing safe and timely transportation so participants have more flexibility, freedom and control over their personal health.

In Cook County, we need a strong network of independent drivers and transportation providers as well as volunteer, local residents, facilities and community organizations with access to working vehicles to support the program.

Transportation providers with questions should contact 630-403-3215, Option #1.

To send information and inquiries about claims, please contact

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Transdev Health Solutions is seeking partnerships for all modes of transportation, including wheelchair accessible vehicles, sedans, taxis, volunteers, transit authorities.

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Transportation Provider Responsibilities

Safety First: At the start of your day, inspect your vehicle to ensure the interior and exterior are clean, and has everything needed to manage travel for the day. Make certain passengers with children have the state-approved child seat and that all passengers are wearing their seatbelts. Wheelchair devices must be properly secured before taking off.

Be on Time, Every Time: Timeliness is critical for transportation providers. If a member has not arrived within the 15-minute window, call or text dispatch using your tablet device to report the no show before proceeding to your next pick up.

Complete the Trip: At each drop off location, get the member’s electronic signature and finalize the trip using your tablet device. This allows speedy claim submissions and accurate billing.

Incident Reporting: If an accident or incident occurs while a member is in your vehicle, immediately fill out an incident report for investigation by the Transdev team, and if necessary, the local authorities.

Customer Service Excellence: Be courteous, patient and helpful to all passengers.

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